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Holiday Glitz    Gordon

Brightly colored Christmas ornaments will make this puzzle a fun challenge. Sale Price $150.


serial number: 7651

difficulty: 9

pieces: 400

Holiday Glitz    Gordon

Brightly colored Christmas ornaments will make this puzzle a fun challenge. SALE PRICE $175.


serial number: 7650

difficulty: 9

pieces: 436

Fancy Feet    Gordon

Colorful flip flops are a sure sign of summer! Sale Price $225.

serial number: 8204

difficulty: 6

pieces: 446

Woman In A Striped Dress   

Edouard Vuillard's oil painting of a woman arranging flowers. Done in mostly somber reds but lovely richness in its detail and and mood. SALE PRICE $250.


serial number: 8125

difficulty: 8+

pieces: 519

Hadfield's Tuscany Harvest    Hadfield

Luscious grapes on the vine glow in the light of a summer sun in Tuscany. SALE PRICE $230.


serial number: 7622

difficulty: 8

pieces: 617

Tee Time    Thacker

A collage of colorful golfing memorabilia from famous courses, etc. Fun with great detail.

Sale Price $200.

serial number: 6668

difficulty: 8

pieces: 688

Christmas Stocking    Fulton

Candy, toys and wrapped surprises fill this stocking. Colorful. Irregular edge. SALE PRICE $325.


serial number: 7380

difficulty: 8

pieces: 810

Christmas Fruit Wreath    Fulton

Irregular edged Christmas wreath that is decorated with a red bow and fruit. Clear colors. Sale Price $230.

serial number: 7058

difficulty: 9

pieces: 826

Countdown to Christmas    Kruscamp

Santa and his elves are working at a feverish pace getting ready for Christmas eve. Colorful. SALE PRICE $385.


serial number: 6971

difficulty: 962

pieces: 962

Moving Day    Burger

Moving day has come to the old neighborhood Victorian. Bright colors and busy with fun detail.



serial number: 7882

difficulty: 8

pieces: 1020

Sweet Christmas    Gordon

You'll need your sweet tooth to do this puzzle of ribbon candy and candy canes in the red, green and white of Christmas colors. Sale Price $300.


serial number: 7638

difficulty: 9

pieces: 1083


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