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Special Offer- Join the club and receive your first rental (up to 299 pieces) Free!!

PUZZLERS is our special membership club which allows you to rent ELMS hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles. There is no minimum rental requirement so you can enjoy a different ELMS puzzle whenever you like, at a fraction of the purchase price.

We have over 800 puzzles in the club at any given time. The images range from Giotto to current artists and include every painting school and style. There is something that will appeal to any taste. Many of the images in our catalog and on the web page are also available for rental.

For a one time membership fee of $75 per household, not only will you be able to rent these fabulous puzzles but you will also receive a 10% discount on any custom puzzles you order. In addition, only members are eligible to buy used puzzles, (at greatly reduced prices), when we have our Used Puzzle Sales in January and July.

We ask that you call our toll free number to join.  Once you join PUZZLERS you will receive a user name and password to access the Rental Club. Paper lists are available of our Rental Inventory.  Call us toll-free at (800) 353-3567 or email us at ilisa@elmspuzzles.com with your selections and we will ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. Puzzles are shipped Federal Express or Priority Mail. When you have finished, simply repackage the puzzle in its' original shipping carton and wait for Federal Express or the Postman to arrive.

A membership in PUZZLERS makes a wonderful and unique gift that can be enjoyed year round. To facilitate your shopping, we have gift certificates available for membership and rentals.

Rentals are limited to members in the continental United States. However, foreign members are eligible for the special mailings, used puzzle sales and custom puzzle discounts.

Puzzles are rented for a three month period. Overdue puzzles will be charged for an additional rental.

To ensure getting the correct puzzle, it is important to give us the title and inventory number when placing your order.

We check each puzzle before and after each rental to ensure completeness of the puzzle.  We rely on the honor system with our customers as to whether a piece missing is our error or theirs.  This honor system works well.  There may be a small fee for customer's lost or damaged pieces.

All transactions are handled by credit card and rental fees will be charged when the puzzle is shipped.

Rental Fees

Up to 299 Pieces


300 - 399 Pieces


400 - 499 Pieces


500 - 599 Pieces


600 - 699 Pieces


700 - 799 Pieces


800 - 899 Pieces


900 - 999 Pieces


1000 - 1299 Pieces