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Rental Club FAQsRental Club FAQ

How do I join the Rental Club? What's the cost?
Upon a payment of the $75 lifetime membership fee, you will be entitled to a free rental in the 200-piece range. You will be given access to the ELMS Puzzles Rental Club site. Puzzles are rented then according to size (200 pieces for $40, 300-pieces for $50, 400- pieces for $60, etc.). You will also be charged for shipping to and from. Please see the rental club info on the home page.

How are your puzzles rated for difficulty?
We rate our puzzles on a scale from 5 (very easy) to a 9++ (I'm going crazy!) Remember, it depends on the actual image plus the cutter's cutting that creates the difficulty. Sometimes what is easy for someone may be more challenging for someone else.

My puzzle came without a picture. Why?
At ELMS we pride ourselves on giving a puzzler a fun, challenging, and unique experience. Without a picture, you can truly immerse yourself in the delight of the finely crafted pieces and unique challenges we've created for you. If you do need a picture, we will do our best to accommodate you. You can also locate the artwork on this site and check it out that way.

What is your shipping policy?
You may choose either FEDEX or USPS Priority Mail basic 3 day services. A customer may request faster shipping for an additional fee. The shipping to and from will be charged along with your rental fee.

Should I save my shipping box?
YES. The cost to ship a puzzle is based on the weight of that container. Puzzles should never be returned in just the ELMS green puzzle box. Saving the shipping box to put the ELMS puzzle box into makes it easier for you and us.

Should I take my puzzle apart in order to return it?
Yes. It is very helpful for us to have the puzzles taken fully apart upon their return. It is always great if you've any questions or concerns about a particular puzzle if you drop us a note with it or give us a call.

How long can you rent a puzzle for?
Our rental period is a generous 3 months. Should you be done sooner, great! If you need longer than the 3 month period, please call us. We can arrange for you to "re-rent" the puzzle if need be. We're like a library…someone else may be waiting to enjoy the very same puzzle so communication with us is appreciated.

How many can I rent at one time and how often?
You may rent as many or as few as you wish. Some puzzlers rent one at a time. Others rent several at a time and it may vary throughout the year. Many people rent more during holidays and vacations.

Are there late fees?
If a rental runs late by a day or two, no problem. If a rental is going to be very late we will "re-rent it to you for the standard 3 month rental fee. We won't send the puzzle police to you but please remember others are waiting to enjoy each puzzle too.

How do I order rental puzzles?
Call, email, write, or fax. Just remember to have several choices in mind…the rental club like a library…titles may be out and we want you to have a puzzle that pleases you. Many customers simply say "Send one" and we choose within the parameters of a customer's likes and previous rental history…such as "loves surprises" or "only wants irregular edges", etc. We'll get to know you and will do our very best to keep you puzzling happily.

How do I know what I've rented in the past?
We keep a list of everything you've rented. This also allows us to develop knowledge of what you like and dislike in regards to size and subject matter.

Are all puzzles straight sided?
No. We strive to make all puzzles interesting so when a puzzle lends itself to creating an irregular edge we go for it. An example would be a butterfly with the puzzle being cut around the actual shape of the butterfly itself. Or a still life where we have cut around the bowl of fruit and the vase of flowers. Or a straight border may have what we call an Executive Edge. That's when we create either an extension of an image already in the image to go beyond its borders. Or we may add additional pieces outside of a traditional border that adds visual excitement and puzzling pleasure and challenge.

Are there any additional puzzlers membership benefits?
Yes, there are! You are given a 10% discount off any custom puzzles you may wish to order. In addition, you are entitled to the semi-annual sales of Used & Damaged puzzles at reduced rates in comparison to custom puzzles. Used puzzles are gently used and we are moving them out of inventory. Damaged puzzles are still in good shape though they may have a missing piece that has been replaced or a partial piece may be missing. We will make sure you are aware of what each Damaged puzzle's repair is. Used & Damaged puzzles are an excellent way to begin a collection of ELMS Puzzles for the budget conscious.